Make Your Own Mirror Art

The secret ingredient to this project is HYDROCHLORIC ACID!
Cue all the protective gear for this one, folks! You'll need gloves, a mask & a well ventilated area.
But first, I apply paint stripper to the area of the mirror I want the print to peek through! For this odd shape I roughly traced the shape onto the back of the mirror & then applied the paint stripper within this marked area. I allowed the paint stripper to do it's thing & then wiped away the bubbled paint. Now it is time for the fun/scary/exciting part! 
Once I was wearing all the protective gear (& looking like a proper mad scientist!) I poured a small amount, about a table spoon, of hydrochloric acid onto the part of the space on the mirror we have traced & removed the paint.  With a spatula I then spread the acid around to the desired area. Its best to start with a small amount as you can always add more! If you wish for some of the painted mirror backing to show, spread the acid wider over the paint. The hydrochloric acid eats away at the reflective mirror without harming the glass.
The acidic process takes a couple of hours for the reflective mirror to dissolve. Once that is complete, I removed the excess acid with paper towel (wearing gloves!) & then wiped clean with water, glass cleaner & a rag. 
Then it was simply a matter of mounting the print on the back of the mirror & putting the backing back on!
I painted the mirror frame with Dixie Belle Paint Company paint in the colour 'Tea Rose' & then applied Best Dang Wax in black to make all that detailing pop! You can get yours here!
Here are some other mirrors I have created using this exact process!
I love seeing what you make! Please tag me in your creations at @OwlAndTheWillow xx
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