Decoupage Furniture Like A Pro!

Here is a step-by-step guide to furniture decoupage using fabric & Mod Podge! 
Adding patterned fabric to an upcycle project is next level! And you can do it too!
I use Furniture Mod Podge however the Tough Coat Mod Podge will work the same! I have also used regular Mod Podge with great success but like to use the stronger formulas for pieces I sell! 
You can use a brush for this but I have found a roller to be more efficient as you can apply even pressure when removing any air bubbles from under the fabric. 
Trimming the edges is the hardest part of the whole
project, but even that can be easily done using a Stanley knife!
The finished product is so beautiful! The Mod Podge turns the fabric into a wall paper type effect. It is durable and long lasting! And did I mention beautiful! 
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